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Enterprise Culture

1.Enterprise Culture

Delicate Artwork  “Sannora is perfect “ is what we always keep in mind. Every Sannora’s making is the same as jade caving. And we believe in “no best, but better”.

Long-term Honesty  There is much truth in a Chinese saying“The same knife cuts bread and fingers”. We will and always be honest to every client and consumer, to show a trustworthy Sannora.

Classic Pursuit  Everything will be by-gone as time goes but classic artwork, like Sannora. Every Sannora’s styles are bestowed with classic and perfestion while designing.

Romantic Favour  We design Sannora with romantic favour which would present you a native and newly romantic style in sanitary wares.


2.Enterprise Commitment

Professioal Sanitary Ware     Top Quality Pursuing   Quality comes from profession while success results in persistence. High quality products making depends on high technic but not only experience, which, will push us to perfect our products.

Customers’ Satisfaction      Sustainable Development  Customers are the most and decisive role in the market which the enterprise lives in. And our work’s main piont is to satisfy the customers. We are striving to meet all kinds of needs from customers by developing the quality and service.

Enterprise Essence:    Trustworthy Business     Top Quality  

                                       Continuous Innovation

Quality Orientation: Delicacy Seeking    Perfection  Pursuing    No Defects

Service Orientation: Cordialy Attitude    Excellent Quality   Superior Service

Management Orientation:Scientific Management    Excellent Product

Development Orientation:Excellence Pursuing   Famous Brand Building

Advertising  Slogan: New Experience of Pleasant Life


3.Interpretation to Sannora’s Logo

Sannora’s logo consists of Chinese and English design, in which, the English design stands out to embody Sannora footing at home and ranking abroad.

The smooth and waved English Sannora, is like the droping water on the ground streaming away, filling with vitality and dynamic. Leading the sanitary ware fashion,the soft and unique line implys Sannora’s trendsetter style and its brand value—Bring to a classic and romantic recreational Sannora.

The Chinese design is in line with its traditional culture by using traditional characters in inkiness. The hollow-out “S” is very lightsome and flexible. And the whole “Sannora” presents upward,onward,outspread images which foreshow a upcoming vigorous,innovative and dynamic enterprise. A sofe and firm combination of the flying ,graceful English and upright, precise Chinese also signifies Sannora’s  management—seeking for perfection in relaxed and harmonious atmosphere,pursuing for outstanding art in natural and pleasant enviroment.


4.Interpretation to Sannora’s Brand

Sannora’s idea is from the arts heaven—Italy , where flows Rome’s culture in thousand years’ Mediterranean and carries Venetian arts. Its native art comes with a forward—looking and outstanding brand a trendsetter in sanitary ware.

With its latest culture and classic design in Italy , Sannora steps on mysterious China and comes out with unique “Pleasant life” seeking  by combining European romantic art with Chinese exquisite favor. Now, Sannora is a professional sanitary ware enterprise with decennial experience, striving for recreational sanitary ware style by delicate pursuit.

Sannora is like a elegant medieval European count, low-keyed but luxurious,staid but elegant. With a fresh Italy style, Sannora has formed its brand concept—Unique Sannora, Pleasant Life.


5.Enterprise Orientation

Sannora—Heaven of Sanitary Ware  Bathing is private and relaxed for people. And to avoid monotonous sanitary wares, we arise Sannora with conformable sannitary but not just cleaning bathing products.

Fully Innovate and Develope Sannora  Points can be lines and lines can be planes. Sannora starts from every basic piont , fully develops in processing and perfects in every finished styles.

Offering Whole Set Solution to Classic and Romantic Sanitary Ware  To offer whole set of sanitary wares, such as ceramic art basin, whirlpool massage bathtub, computer-controlled steam shower room, we maximize the space while designing. You can fully experience the elegant and comfortable Sannora and enjoy pleasant life.

Wonderful Artistic Styles With full function, Sannora is arted up, which makes it combined with multifunction and art appreciation.To meet different needs , we present you various of individual styles. There are not only comfortable and elegant types , but also simple and universal types.

For sannora, design is to offer you a lifestyle. Just as our slogan presents “New Experience of Pleasant Life”, life guiding is main point in our design. With the material rising and fast-pacing life, people get tired after busy work and tiresome housework.

We know well the importance of humen being and enviroment. And Sannora will present you sightly and pleasant sanitary wares which let you relax yourself enjoy bathing.